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  The jade ring blooms the silicon oak models the limited company adjoining country two kind of ports barley islet port, founds in 2002, is one specialized production oak models series product the and so on the product, plastic product and hardware product enterprise.
The company area 6000 square meters, the floor space 4400 square meters, have the abundant fund. The since company has founded, the stress internal management, vigorously promotes the technology puts, and has the domestic and foreign technical expert year to year instructs. At present has had the advanced vulcanizing machine, the injection machine, production equipment and so on the high speed punch press machine, and matches has the advanced instrument carries on the examination to the product. Has the stronger mold development ability, the enterprise in line with " the quality first, the user is satisfied " is the core, unceasingly pursues own consummates the development, wholeheartedly serves for the broad users.


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